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Tutorials on how to use Blogger

Here's Google's instructions for how to use Blogger Using the new Blogger interface

How to embed a dynamic map in your blog 

1. go to
2. search your location
3. click on the link icon
4. choose "Paste HTML to embed in website".
5. copy and paste into your blog while in Edit HTML mode.

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How to embed videos in your blog

1. Find a video that you like and for which you can find the citation information.
2. example:
  • Go to Youtube and find a video you like
  • Click on "Share"
  • Choose either the link to this video
  • Or "embed" - copy the code
  • Go back to your blog post - choose Edit HTML tab
  • Paste the embed code in your blog post
  • Save changes.

Violence Puts Strain on Chile Student Protests. Youtube. AlJazeeraEnglish, 19 Oct. 2011. Web. 29 Nov. 2011.

How to post pictures

Initial Pointers

1. Due to copyright, you must cite the source of your image, video, digital media.
2. Cite the media where you embed it as well as in your Works Cited.

How to post pictures: 

1. Click here for instructions from Blogger. 

 Options for posting pictures

1. Individual pictures

source: nomasnanci -

2. Slide Shows

  • Go to under your Google account
  • Create an album with the images you like
  • Make album "Public"
  • Go to "Share"
  • Copy and Paste Embed as Slideshow code in your blog
  • Add source info. for each picture and the add full citation information in your Works Cited.

How to upload your Works Cited from Easybib onto your blog

Blogger does not allow you to upload .doc or .pdf files to your blog for security reasons.  There are several ways to link your Works Cited to your blog.

1. Click on "Copy and paste" on your bibliography page and copy and paste onto a new Blogger post.

2. "Share" your works cited from Easybib and receive a link to post on your blog. Like this.

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