Thursday, November 10, 2011

Digital Tattoos...

Hey'all.  Ms. Jones here. I am very much looking forward to your blogs and your web 2.0 creations.  Before you get too far along just a reminder of the permanence of the words you write on this digital canvas.  Even if you delete your blog in the future, your comments or copies of your blog can be stored by others.  So be nice out there, watch your spelling, and don't say anything that might spoil your future chances of running in a Federal election : ).

Responsible Use Guidelines: 

1. You can choose who reads your blog.  Under the "permissions" setting, you can choose whether to publish your blog publicly or share it with friends only.  We'll discuss who needs to read your blog during the course, but once the course is over, the settings are up to you.

2. Allowing Comments.  You will want to moderate comments before they appear on your blog; you want people to take your blog seriously and limit comments to an educated audience. Thus you want to enable Comment Moderation to Always.  Add your email address to receive notice when anyone comments on your blog.